Eco-friendly printing
Mission Statement, Quality Policy & Certifications  Mission Statement, Quality Policy & Certifications
ISO Certified Printer
Sustainability is good for business.
Sustainability is no longer optional; it must be engrained in the way we do business.

Printing Partners' CertificationsPrinting Partners understands the importance of being environmentally friendly. Whether it is our eco-friendly inks or recycling, our sustainability has an impact on the bottom line. This effort promotes efficiency and we pass our environmental successes on to our clients in the form of reduced costs and a shared reputation as a responsible corporate citizen.

Printing Partners is taking steps that allow us to achieve greater sustainability.

Mission Statement
Printing Partners’ mission is to combine technological innovation with traditional craftsmanship to produce effective marketing communications. While we embrace technology, we recognize that our greatest asset is our people, who are your partners in this process.

Key Products and Services
Our core business is sheet-fed commercial printing. This includes:

  • Design and prepress services
  • Conventional offset printing
  • Direct imaging printing
  • Black/white and color digital printing
  • Variable printing
  • Finishing: die cutting, foil stamping and embossing
  • Mailing and fulfillment
  • Promotional Products
  • Publishing
  • Signage

Key Technical Personnel
Our sales staff is supported by a team of professionals that includes:

  • Customer service representatives who are responsible for engineering and managing jobs
  • Prepress technicians, who preflight, impose and proof jobs. This group takes primary responsibility for color management. Printing Partners is a certified G-7 Master Printer, allowing us to provide the most advanced color management techniques available to our work.
  • Schedule and Production management team.

Quality Statement
Printing Partners firmly believes that quality is a partnership that requires adherence between client and vendor to work closely in order to achieve the desired result. When we cannot achieve the desired result with the provided materials, we will work with clients to explain the necessary steps in achieving the desired results. The key is knowledge, trust and communication.

Quality Policy
The focal point of our quality policy is good communication between clients and customer service or sales representatives. It is standard operating procedure at Printing Partners to require the following quality procedures:

  • When possible, the client must provide a hard copy of digital files for proofing purposes
  • If our output matches the client’s hard copy, we will proceed to create a contract proof
  • If a file is sent via the Internet, Printing Partners will provide the client a PDF proof prior to page impositioning
  • An imposition proof is required for all jobs that are double-sided or folded. This allows us to show clients how the finished job will back-up and/or fold
  • An imposition proof is not intended to proof color. On jobs that involve spot color we will print to the pantone swatch book to achieve the desired color
  • A matchprint is required for all 4-color process jobs. This allows us to show clients the color that we will achieve on the press
  • At the client’s discretion, we offer the opportunity to do a press check when color is critical
  • A finished sample must accompany the job ticket so that employees in the finishing areas have a clear understanding of what the completed job is supposed to look like

G7® Master Printer
We have enriched our color services by adopting G7® standards and adhering to GRACoL® guidelines. This means Printing Partners uses the most modern technology, techniques, process controls and standards to produce high-quality commercial printing with a close visual appearance from proof-to-press and from press-to-press.

Under G7® standards and GRACoL® guidelines, we are able to reduce waste, decrease turn-around time and avoid re-makes.

ISO 9001:2008
The certification identifies manufacturers who follow practices and procedures that assist in implementing a system of continual quality and improvement for its customers. The certification reflects that if there is an error on the printing press floor, Printing Partners has a quality system in place to evaluate, correct and consistently monitor its work product, ensuring you — our customer are satisfied throughout the printing process and thrilled with your final product.

Implementation of the ISO 9001:2008 pushes us towards our goals of continuous improvement through standardization and sustainability by reducing waste.

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